Saga’s Popularity

Nao: Honestly, he’s really unpopular

Saga: Huh?

Nao: No, actually, he’s really bad

Saga: Why does everyone realize that and say it. People will start referring to me like that! (laughs)

Shou: Well, he has no friends

Saga:This is somehow already too harsh…

Hiroto: Fine, should I make you feel better [about yourself]. In relation to music, I think Saga-kun has really good sensitivity/sense towards it. People who can create such sounds are really in a league of their own, ne.


Nao: But he’s unpopular

Saga: Say what you think

Hiroto: Ah … his skin is white

Tora: He’s the most hardworking member, unexpectedly. Even though he looks like the type to not seem to think about anything, I think he actually puts a considerable amount of effort into things. But he’s not popular

Saga: Well I guess I’m not popular then …


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