Due to a decreasing amount of available colors and an increasing amount of idols, fan clubs are turning to other alternatives. Instead of using colored balloons, fans are using glowsticks to represent themselves at concerts. But even this isn’t enough to quell the growing hostile fight for colors.

The tradition of using balloons to show support began with first generation idol group H.O.T.’s white balloons. Later, g.o.d. chose sky blue and Shinhwa orange as more idol groups caught on to the idea. The general rule of thumb is that first generation idols use primary colors, while second generation idols have a mixed variety of colors.

Every soloist or idol group is assigned a balloon color to represent itself and its fan club. These balloons are used by fans to cheer for their idols at concerts, allowing the singers to see the amount of support they have in the audience. Unfortunately, this has also led to competition and resentment amongst different fans.

For example, FT Island’s original color was supposed to be “pearl rainbow blue,” which caused Super Junior fans to protest. ELFs claimed that the color was too similar to their own “pearl sapphire blue.” One fan stated, “When viewed from afar, you can’t even tell the difference between the two colors.”

The battle is often won by the more popular group, not by seniority. After having “pastel rose pink” for three years, one of CSJH The Grace’s two colors was declared by SNSD fans to too similar to SNSD’s “pastel rose.” Because of SNSD fans’ protests, SM Entertainment changed the color and began only selling “pearl pink” CSJH balloons instead.

Such possessive feelings over a certain color is almost understandable. Fans are able to feel more connected and closer with not only their group but one another through official colors. A DBSK fan was reluctant to share balloon colors with other groups because “fans and singers have lots of memories embedded in and feel a sense of connection through balloons. It wouldn’t be easy for us to give up our balloon color (to fans of other singers), even if our favorite group disbands.”

While it is normally up to fanclubs to decide the color, some entertainment agencies have stepped up to take on that role. Even so, there are simply too many groups with a limited variety of colors to choose from. Some fan clubs have used alternatives like fans, glowsticks or bandanas to distinguish themselves. YG Entertainment has designed special glowsticks for fans to use at concerts. Big Bang’s VIPs have crown-shaped glowsticks, while Se7en fans get ones shaped like the number 7.

What do you think should be done to solve this problem?

Some group colors include:
1TYM – Black
2AM/2PM – Pearl Black/Metallic Gray
2NE1 – Hot Pink
4Minute – (formerly Pearl Purple)
Baby VOX – Pearl Pink
Battle – Pearl Gold
BEAST – Pearl Midnight Blue
Big Bang – Black & White (Yellow lightsticks)
Black Beat – Pearl Black
BoA – Pearl Yellow
Brown Eyed Girls – Yellow (and Black)
Chaeyeon – Apricot
Chakra – Purple
CSJH – Pearl Pink
DBSK – Pearl Red
The Boss – Pearl Terracotta
Dragon N Tiger – Chocolate
Epik High – Black
f(x) – Pearl Light Periwinkle
FT Island – Sunshine Yellow
Fin.KL – Pearl Red
Fly to the Sky – Sky Blue
g.o.d – Sky Blue
H.O.T. – White
Ivy – Lime Green
Jewelry – Pearl Deep Blue
Kangta – White
KARA – Pearl Peach
Lee Seunggi – Pearl Mint
MBLAQ – Pearl Chocolate
MC Mong – Pearl Peach
Rain – White
S.E.S. – Pearl Purple
SE7EN = Lime Green
Sechskies – Yellow
SeeYa – Pearl Light Pink
Seo Taiji – Yellow
SG Wannabe – Pearl Gold
SHINee – Pearlescent Aqua Green
Shinhwa – Orange
Sistar – Fuchsia
SNSD – Pastel Rose
SS501 – Pearl Light Green
Super Junior – Pearl Sapphire Blue
Supernova – Silver
Teen Top – Pearl Light Lavender
Tei – Pearl Blue
The TRAX – Pearl Cobalt Blue
U-Kiss – Pearl Pink
V.O.S – Pearl Burgundy
Wonder Girls – Pearl Burgundy
Younha – Pearl Light Pink
Zhang Liyin – Metal Pearl Light Gold

Source: hankyorehdongbangdata and Koreaboo


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