Yeah .. just yesterday I was really overwhelmed by a stack made the task really piling up! (oh dear .. very tiring _) but the past day, I’d play hooky! haha (maybe it was a reply for kids lazy??). There is a chemistry task, mathematics as well, plus the English language and literature! aakkhh! I want to protest it seems! but just yesterday I finished the exam! ,-

Hmm .. but at least I‘ve completed the math task .. hihi. You know? I struggled to make a graph! if there is a chance, maybe I‘ll put pictures graphed here:) (really proud Hoho ..) I really struggled to make!

Today, fortunately, I went home quickly because there is a meeting of teachers at my school. Wow .. I and my friends very happy! and I can not wait to see the value in taking rapot school exams next week.

Hopefully my days will continue like this fun, and also I can still see someone who I admire in school:)


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