Tumblr isn’t just a site. Tumblr isn’t just a family. Tumblr is a fully populated city. It’s a neighborhood. We fight. We have our problems. It’s a school. We learn new things everyday. It’s a hospital. We save lives. We’re there for the sick. It’s shelter. We care for those who need caring for. It’s a gallery. We show our talents. We network. Tumblr is just life on the internet. No censors. No rules. Just individual morals. It’s like a 70’s diner where everyone knows everyone and we’ll welcome you with open arms – until you mess up. It’s the life you wish you had. It’s the life you’re going to have. It’s the life you’ve dreamed of. You are cared for. You are loved. On Tumblr, you are not alone.

(via nataliesophia)


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